Southern Sights- Kansas Through Arkansas

There are certain states you don’t hear much about…some use the term “flyover” which has a somewhat negative implication, but the residents may prefer it that way, as the peaceful and picturesque landscape can remain the place they know as home.

Keeping Watch

As we traveled from Kansas into Missouri, Arkansa and finally into Tennessee, I developed an appreciation for this part of the country.

Kansas does have a lot of open spaces, and a LOT of wind can move through the gentle hills, unobstructed. However, it’s not the flat and boring landscape I had heard about. There are more trees, valleys and meadows, and the nearly constant wind made the landscape feel dynamic and alive. Of course we weren’t there during any tornadoes, in which case I expect things get really dynamic! The state campgrounds are extremely spacious and park like. It’s truly a peaceful setting for taking a break from the road.

We enjoyed the local history Museum in Goodland Kansas, and our dog Blanca really appreciated our campsite next to an old farmhouse that may or may not have been in some stage of restoration. Topeka Kansas also houses the Evel Knievel museum, and the Combat Air Musem. there is a lot to do in the city of Topeka although we definitely had the craziest weather during that leg of the journey. A violent thunderstorm moved through with damaging winds, but fortunately our trailer emerged unscathed.

Goodland History
World’s Largest Van Gogh Painting
Evel Knievel Museum
Air Combat Museum

Missouri was our next stop, with its lush, green countryside, lakes and rivers. The rain system that stalled over us made things a muddy mess of the campground during our first stop, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the lake and doing some fishing.

The hills and valleys as you head south to Branson are quite beautiful, and I started referring to the area as our own personal Costa Rica. Branson has so much to do for families. Dinner shows and concerts, mini golf, museums and go-carts.

Hot Springs Arkansas was our stop for Independence Day, and we enjoyed the laidback lake vibe at our campsite. It was a great place to park for the holiday, before heading into Tennessee.

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