Utah- Snows, Sand and Scenery

As we traveled south from Dillon Montana, we skirted the east side of Swan Lake, past some of the most beautiful green and remote scenery, into the plains of southern Idaho and into northern Utah.

Lake Utah, Provo

The first stop was to see family in Logan. The mountain tops still had a bit of snow, but temperatures were in the 80’s, making our stay at Lake Hyrum a picturesque spot. We drove up to Bear Lake, which straddles the Idaho and Utah border. It’s called the Caribbean of the Rockies, as the minerals reflect the sky and create amazing turquoise hues. The drive up is an Alpine experience, making each turn feel like a trip into the Swiss countryside.

From there, we stoped in Provo, than down to Cedar City, which was in my list of places to check out as a possible new home town. It’s location makes travel to the many surrounding national parks convenient. The setting is dry and desert-like, and the climate agrees with me, even if my skin disagrees.

Zion park was an amazing stop, and most crowded, for a scenic drive with numerous stops to check out the vistas and canyons. TIP: Just Ahead is a wonderful app to use when going to National Parks, as it uses your mobile GPS to narrate what you are seeing. Highly recommend this for your trip!

Temperature changes create the checkered pattern seen here.

Cedar Breaks was next, with its amazing natural amphitheater, and scenic drive into nearby Kolob canyon.

Cedar Breaks natural amphitheater

Bryce Canyon was just as amazing, and less crowded than Zion. In the words of Pioneer founder Ebenezer Bryce, “ It’s a hell of a place to lose a cow”.

Lastly, we stopped at Arches, Goblin Valley, and Capitol Reef parks. All unique and amazing. Goblin Valley was a smaller, but especially fun stop, walking with our dogs amid the smaller goblin-like formations. It’s like being on the surface of another planet.

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