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Southern Sights- Kansas Through Arkansas

There are certain states you don’t hear much about…some use the term “flyover” which has a somewhat negative implication, but the residents may prefer it that way, as the peaceful and picturesque landscape can remain the place they know as home. As we traveled from Kansas into Missouri, Arkansa and finally into Tennessee, I developed…

Utah- Snows, Sand and Scenery

As we traveled south from Dillon Montana, we skirted the east side of Swan Lake, past some of the most beautiful green and remote scenery, into the plains of southern Idaho and into northern Utah. The first stop was to see family in Logan. The mountain tops still had a bit of snow, but temperatures…

Montana and Idaho Highlights

We made our way north from Coeur d’Alene Idaho, into Kalispell Montana, which was a great jumping off location to visit Glacier National Park. It’s strange to think we could theoretically be over the border into Canada with just a bit more driving. Coeur d’Alene Idaho is a beautiful place, situated around a large lake.…

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