From Sticks-and-Bricks to the Open Road

With everything that 2020 brought us, the freedom of the open road was calling our name, and with a vision forming around what we want the future chapter of our life to look like, we decided to make it a reality.

Over the next few months, we will be heading out to parts known and unknown, to see friends and family, and to search for our new home.

The name of our travel trailer, “The Flaming Marshmallow”, might conjure up your own camping memories, and we have some funny stories of our own related to that particular name, which I’ll recount at a later date, but suffice to say, there is something about the adventure of camping that let’s the unexpected unfold. Sometimes its humorous, sometimes its unexpected. Going into a coast-to-coast road trip requires a spirit of adventure, and our years of RV experience will hopefully prepare us for the potholes of life along the way.

So, follow along with us as we share our adventures!

3 thoughts on “From Sticks-and-Bricks to the Open Road

  1. Sarah the flaming marshmellow is bigger than I imagined. You & Kevin stay safe as I believe your social experience along with years in marketing make a perfect compliment or entry into blogging. You may have a new calling and don’t forget to add video content as well. Have fun!


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